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How to stay updated about nearby deals, offers, jobs, and news?

How to stay updated about nearby deals, offers, jobs, and news?

We always try to look for the best deal or offer for us. We make it a goal to get an even better deal than our last shopping. We want to feel as if we have spent our money in the smartest way possible, and to do so, we deal throughout the shopping journey, including when deciding where to stop and what to buy. In fact, In a search, it found that nearly 7 in 10 can not complete a purchase without first searching for a deal or offer nowadays. The same things with city news or national/international news. We need to be updated every time.

LinkRick app has all the features to update you for your deals, offers, jobs, news, and about many things. It has amazing features so that you can see all those important things in a single place. This is the biggest advantage of it and this makes it more powerful than any other app.

LinkRick has amazing features that give you the latest and updated information about almost every field like -

  1. Trending - Don’t you wanna hear something that everyone is talking about, and everyone is sharing their views on it.
  2. Interest - Read your interested field news and stay updated about it. Like suppose you are interested in “Information technology” and want to know about the latest update, you can know quickly. Recently “Google Maps added a new feature for Indian users: Deals, discounts at restaurants”. Do you know or do you not? Some of the interests can be-
    1. Entertainment
    2. Education
    3. News & media
    4. College & university
    5. Information technology
    6. Politics
    7. Shopping
    8. Movie & production
    9. Food & beverage
    10. Health
  3. Deals - Get to know about the latest deals and offers near you by just opening the LinkRick app. How exciting is that!
  4. News
  5. Jobs - Know about jobs and posts near you. It is very powerful when you want a job or anyone other.
  6. Events

Linkrick offers a simple, assistive experience to help discover the city with a single tap — and we will continue to improve over time about it. Stay updated on new deals, offers, and news by looking at the LinkRick app daily or just a few times a week.