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Hello World: You are Linked

Hello World: You are Linked

When we think about our connection, network, and links, the first thing that comes to our mind is contact. Contact is the primary thing to connect with people and businesses.

In this 21st century of technology, people are still linking or connecting verbally with each other by sharing their contact information, this information can be a contact number, address, location or any other social profile.

Although we save things in our contact but by the time we lose, people update phone numbers, location or a particular social media presence.

LinkRick works and helps in all the above context, it gathers our contact information whether it is a phone number, location information or any social media profile (with full privacy protection). LinkRick provides the easiest possible way to share and connect or link with people and businesses.

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Some of the best ways are as follows

#1 Introducing Swipe and Link


# Scan QR and connect


LinkRick is not just about connecting, it is to stay connected

As soon as you link with any person or business you always have updated contact of that person or business, Linkrick App synchronizes them to your personal categorize link.

LinkRick gives you the power to stay Updated about your links and Activities of person and businesses.

We’ve got something more because it's just a starting so stay connected with LinkRick as you want to stay connected with the people matters for you! Come back here and tell us about the before-and-after. We bet you’ll have something to say!