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From tree-planting drives to save paper is leading to an eco-friendly future of India.

To combat against environmental issues LinkRick always pioneers to do social works like forestation and social awareness.

This year is completely different from the last couple of decades due to the pandemic but still we are here to save Mother Nature Earth by our efforts.

The company believes that whatever we consume just because of the fruitful nature of mother earth and whatever we are because of her, she blessed us with many things. When we built the company, we promised to transform the vast land into a living forest.

Improve the quality of human life by cleaning up the pollution and dust particles from the air and rebuilding the ecosystem, these are core commitments to society.

As part of our commitment to environmental conservation for creating a better world for young generations, we have decided to make our surroundings lash green.

As a part of its corporate social responsibility, the LinkRick group has started its “Go Digital-Go green” campaign. Climate has been giving us many setbacks in the past and still teaches many lessons through droughts, floods etc.

Although we alone can’t repay the Mother Nature damage but still, we are trying to convalescent the wound done by a human in the last couple of decades.

Let’s look closely at the future plan of LinkRick regarding environmental issues and commitment to saving earth…

  1. Make India green: The non-beneficial campaign is planning to forestation around the state which ultimately helps the environment recovery, we are dedicate to plant a tree on every 1000 Digital Business Cards generated by LinkRickApp.
  2. Go paperless-Go green: The main motto of LinkRick App is ”replace the paper use” in the paper visiting cards, by our digital business card with multiple themes and designs. Apart from that it provides astonished features like finding working professionals in your area, local business deals, Back-up phone contacts (it would help you when you unfortunately lost your phone or contacts).
  3. Make in India: We are proud to be Indian, We totally support made in India and working on it. We try to follow up Indian PM Narendra Modi’s future vision plan (make in India) and Sonam Wangchuck’s protest plan that one week for software and one year for hardware replacement. We are dedicated to achieving our goals and looking forward to Indian support.
  4. Vision of the company: We believe that we can do many works without using papers which cause deforestation that’s why we are making an app which can be the alternative of paper brochure, paper flexes and advertisement things where paper is used. Just promote your work or business Hassle Free on LinkRickApp.
    Although we already achieved many things but still have a lot to go to achieve the goal. We are hungry to change the world and hope you are too.

It can be used instead of paper business cards to save paper and the cost of printing.

Other than these benefits such as cost and space, Digital business cards also help by providing some useful analytics to track sales leads and automate lead management.

If you really want to stand out from your competitors, you need to do something different. Why not just start from making a different Digital Card and Have Fun!

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