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7 Advantages Of Using LinkRick App

7 Advantages Of Using LinkRick App
  1. Digital Address

  2. It provides you a single Digital Address for each social media platform. It’s like an opportunity for Business-Consumer Integration or to reach every person in a Digital way personally and professionally.

    Digital Address
  3. Efficient Search

  4. You can search at LinkRick for your linked people or all people available.

    Efficient Search
  5. Easily Shareable

  6. Swipe & share your profiles or digital business cards to nearby users. It is simply amazing.

    Easily Shareable

  7. Unique Identity

  8. Every profile has its own unique QR so everybody has his unique identity itself. It’s so simple to be unique at LinkRick.

    Unique Identity
  9. Unique Business Cards

  10. You can make attractive and impressive digital business cards and convert your paper visiting card to Digital business card to save money and environment.

    Unique Business Cards
  11. Promote Business

  12. You can make stronger bonds with consumers and promote your business in the local market.

    Promote Business

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  13. Back-up and Restore Contacts

  14. You can save any LinkRick contact to your phone contacts anytime. Restore contacts when you switch to a new device or lost your old contacts.

    Back-up and Restore Contacts

    All the features shown above are very useful especially when this world is changing in the digital world. Using the LinkRick app, you can run with the digital world and you can create a unique identity in the crowd. We are bringing more good features very quickly. Use all the features as soon as you can and give us feedback so that we can work on them and make your life more easy!